Sales and Service

We are a supplier of such major products lines as Stihl, Hitachi Tools and many other brands. What ever we have for rent, we sell. We sell new and used tools and equipment. Check out our showroom for yourself to see what we have for you and your next project. We also service what we sell. If you've bought it from us we either service it or our manufacturer does.

In Canada, STIHL products are sold only at locations where service is performed to factory specifications. This includes assembly, pre-delivery inspection, operational information, and any maintenance requirements. These specialists are the most knowledgeable in the industry and are always there for you.

STIHL Chain Saws
STIHL Brushcutters
STIHL Cutquiks

We are a supplier Stihl Products.

stihl chainsawsSince 1926, STIHL has set the standard in the development of chain saws. Their innovative technology, ergonomic design and outstanding quality have made STIHL the number one selling chain saw worldwide.

STIHL offers a full line of electric, consumer, semi-professional, professional, and specialty saws, to meet a wide range of cutting needs.

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